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spicy chicken drumstick with rosemary and hot chilly sauce in a pan

spicy chicken drumstick with rosemary and hot chilly sauce in a pan

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studio7192 - Food Photography in Enniskillen

one boiled red lobster on an oval plate

traditional pea soup with smoked pork and carrot in an enamel bowl

sliced warm bread loaf on a wooden board with knife

freshly baked pizza with vegetable and basil from the oven

fresh carp fillet with peppercorn, coarse salt and dried thyme on a wet slate plate

healthy breakfast with yogurt in a glass, strawberry, blueberry, apple, sweet honey and oatmeal

creamy carp soup with sour cream in a double handled soup bowl

hungarian carp soup with sour cream in a white soup plate

boiled carp in a rustic gray metal cooking tin, white onion and tomato

hungarian fish soup in a soup plate, salad and bread on a wooden board

hungarian carp soup in a small red kettle and sour salad

home made beef stew with kidney bean

home made beef stew with carrot, potato and onion

roasted beef shoulder with meat fork and knife and rosemary on wooden board

raw beef shoulder in a pan with rosemary and kitchen towel

raw beef shoulder on wooden board with sage, salt and peppercorn

honey glazed chicken drumsticks with slice lemon and rosemary in a pan

chicken drumstick with a marinade consisting of honey, soy sauce, pepper and chilli flakes in blue and white enamel bowl

raw chicken drumstick with red peppercorn, lemon slice and rosemary in a pan on white rustic table

raw chicken drumstick with sage and lemon slice in a glass bowl

chicken thigh with barbecue sauce in rustic grey roasting pan

spicy chicken drumstick with rosemary and hot chilly sauce in a pan

hot chicken drumstick with rosemary on oval plate

roasted chicken drumstick with basil on slate

baked trout with lemon, garlic, rosemary, pepper, salt and sliced tomato






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